Well… that is golf for you!

So coming off the high from last week you’d think I could hold it together for at least another week! But as the title of this blog post says: that is golf for you! Right when you think you figured out this crazy game and have your best finish/score/paycheck you go out and shoot your highest score/worst finish and receive no paycheck. But I am still smiling and excited to get back on the horse because I am looking at last week as a perfect learning experience.

We had quite the wild weather beginning on friday and not letting up until saturday night. As the saying goes now “if your state is experiencing a drought, just call in the Symetra Tour, we’ll fix it right up for you”. I think the LA region received over 6 inches of rain on friday and that golf course did not soak it in right away. #12 was a long par 4 with a little dip in the middle of the fairway around the 140yd marker. This little dip turned into a large pond and when I played this hole there was a little family of ducks swimming around. All in all it was pretty cute until you realized there was A POND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAIRWAY.

My teetime was 12:20 on the friday and I did not tee off until 1:50 on saturday. They called another delay after I finished 2 holes and cancelled the round until sunday. Sunday was then turned into a “play as much golf as you can” day and so we teed off at 7:30, finished the first round, were reshuffled and I teed off promptly at 2pm and finished 14 holes. I had to come back monday morning to finish the final 4 holes. So 4 days to complete 36 holes was not super ideal but it was a battle of the mental strength. I was not a mentally fit golfer this week. I did not prepare enough and so when the rain came I felt more and more unprepared. I did not get used to the greens when I had the opportunity and it really cost me. I think I racked up five 3-putts in the second round alone and that does not happen. I am a good putter and every putt I hit did not even have a chance. So my goal for the next tournaments will be spending the majority of my time getting used to those greens. Putting is such an important aspect of the game that I cannot neglect it. I was counting on my performance from the previous week to carry me on to the second week. It was lazy, stupid and ultimately it costed me a paycheck. So I am back on the horse now, shook off the dust and I am ready to go!

I am back in Boulder for the next 2 weeks until I leave for Orlando. I just received my new Titleist 714 CB irons from Ann Cain, the awesome Titleist rep, and I am so excited to break those in before I use them for the rest of the season. I love being in Boulder for the weather, spending time with the boyfriend, the cross-training, seeing my old stomping grounds and the food :) #homesweethome