Want an Autographed Picture?…

Hi everyone!

Interested in an autographed picture of me? Interested in doing something wonderful for someone in need? I have a great idea!

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Since it costs a lot of money for me to print out and send you a picture with postage, packaging, etc… it would help a TON if you would be willing to donate $10.00. I will (1) send you an autographed picture of me and (2) donate $9.50 of those 10 dollars to┬áthe St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital**.

(** that $.50 is going to help cover printing, packaging and postage for each autographed photo)

If I get a lot of positive feed back I will set this idea into motion: set up a PayPal account, print out those pictures and donate the proceeds to a wonderful cause.

Let me know what you think??

Send an email to: emilytalleygolf@gmail.com to let me know if you’re interested!