Team Rice – Big Break NFL – Ep. 8!

So far so good for Team Rice! Earning immunity these last few weeks has been awesome! Such a great feeling being able to breathe easy… until the next day! Last night’s show was pretty fun from holding my own for my team, Isaac being über clutch and bringing home the win, to spending the day at Spa Botanico and winning $3,000 in Dick’s Sporting Goods cash and to top it off: playing some catch with NFL HALL OF FAMERS?? Damn, it was a good day.


So this episode’s challenge was pretty interesting. For some reason when they say “just hit the green”, that green gets a LOT smaller. You can see it affected everyone. I would much rather have it be a “closest to the pin” challenge. This green was shaped similar to a triangle. At the base of the green it was wide but getting closer to the pin it was narrow. The smart play here was to aim for the front of that green and give you lots of wiggle room although you wouldn’t be very close to the hole– but in this case, that didn’t matter. If you got too aggressive and aimed at the pin– you were cutting your target area by half. Jerry hit a good wedge in there and got the front of the green, I sprayed my shot a little to the right but since I played for a front distance it made it on the green no problem. Isaac finished it off with a great shot that almost made it in the hole and then of course kicked butt in the 185 yard distance playoff and solidified the $3,000 Dick’s Sporting Goods cash and immunity… THANKS ISAAC!

Another part of the prize for the day was spending the afternoon in the hot and cold tub pools at Spa Botanico and getting a wonderful massage. I do not remember the last time I was that relaxed. An amazing spa at an amazing resort– what could be better?

A very special clip was shown during the episode last night. While we were all loading up in the carts prior to the competition, a football made its way into the group. So of course it started being tossed around between football player and golfer. To see these NFL Hall of Famers have a little fun by passing the ball around was a pretty cool sight to see. To say I played catch with them was even better. I think I can throw a mean spiral and I have to commend myself that I actually threw some tight ones when it mattered at this particular time 😉 Overall, this was one of the top highlights of my time in Puerto Rico.


I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving wherever you may be. I will be home in Napa at my parents home and almost my whole family will be here. I cannot remember the last time we were all together. Also, my great friend Éyglo from Iceland (we were both on the NCAA All-Star Team together that went on an amazing golf tour of Asia) and her boyfriend Emil from Sweden will be here too. I cannot wait to share an American custom with them!

Thank you for all of your support, it means the world to me! Until next week everyone :)