Happy 2015! New year, fresh start!

Hello 2015! Here’s to a great start of my 3rd professional season!! Lots of great changes happened over the holidays/off season and I CANNOT WAIT to share them with you!

First and formost I want to update y’all on the team I’m surrounding myself with for the next Symetra Tour season… My sponsors this year are Guardian Life Insurance and Bandit Wines. This will be my third season with Guardian and my first official Symetra Tournament season with Bandit! Bandit Wines signed on to Team Talley back in September for the finale of the 2014 season, Big Break Invite and the final stage of Qualifying School. They are an awesome group of people and the headquarters are in my hometown of Napa, CA so whether they like it or not, I get to bother them on a regular basis!! (And a big thanks to their media department for this stellar website face lift!)

Enjoying that Napa Valley sun with Bandit Wines

Enjoying that Napa Valley sun with Bandit Wines

Next, I have decided that for my skill on the golf course to reach that next level, I am now working regularly with a Sport Psychologist based out of the Bay Area and also a TPI fitness trainer in SF. It was time to realize that if I want to make it to the LPGA I have to make steps to become stronger both physically and mentally. So bring it on 2015, you have nothin’ on me!!

I moved back to the SF Bay Area in October with my boyfriend and it sure is nice being close to my hometown. I see my sister (who is planning her wedding this fall!) on a daily basis and my parents are just a short drive away, it’s been 6 years since I have called myself a CA resident so it feels good to be back. Silverado CC, Napa Valley CC and other courses in the area have been so welcoming and could not be better places for me to practice and improve before the season kicks off in February. We miss Boulder CO and that fresh mountain life but this transition could not have been easier and it’s just another chapter in the life of Emily.

My goals are set for this year and beyond and I hope you guys are ready to follow an exciting 2015 season. First tournament is the week of February 16th in Mesa AZ. So it’s getting closerrrr. Until then, it’s practice, training, the PGA Show in Orlando and a few little pro ams here and there…