Episode 5 : Big Break NFL in Puerto Rico

Welcome back to emilytalley.com! Sorry for the lack of attendance but I have been a little preoccupied with things at home and on the road (which I will update you on, they are all very exciting!). Who knew it would be this busy since supposedly I am in what you call “offseason”. But I guess that never really happens for a professional golfer!

I was in California visiting my family and participating in an AWESOME golf outing for the Halloween week and I was able to enjoy the 5th episode of Big Break NFL with my older sister and some great friends in San Francisco at The Republic sports bar down on Lombard. Needless to say, I was very excited about this episode. There are those days when you know you did something special for your team and this was one of them…


The first activity for this episode was choosing a distance for all of your teammates to hit from and whoever is closest to the hole will then finish it off with a putt. Whichever team to choose the furthest distance and make the putt wins immunity. The trick to this was that all of the teams had to decide the location and stick with it without seeing what the other teams were doing. So for instance, if all the teams were choosing the furthest distance and missing, the final team was not able to change there choice and move closer to the hole to make their up-and-down a little easier. This made it pretty interesting! AND, the teams played the hole closest to furthest. ┬áSo the most conservative plays were going first and the “riskier” ones were finishing off the challenge.

What is fun about watching the show on TV is seeing how the other teams strategized. That is something we don’t see while out on site. Team Doleman chose the 5th position thinking that all the other teams would go further out and miss and then their conservative play would get the job done. Most of the time, that would be a good play, but not today mister!

Team Rice chose the 8th position out in the fairway. It was about 105 yards and a full gap wedge for me with the wind getting a little gusty around the green. Jerry hit one a little past the hole, I hit my shot right of the pin and I thought it was going to be too far and Isaac hit his shot short and it spun back on him. So from out in the fairway it was still up in the air who would be finishing it off for the team. When we got up to the green it was immediately obvious that my shot was the closest. It was deceiving from the fairway but in fact I had hit it relatively pin-high and had given myself a downhill putt– which I LOVE! So, not only was it my time to do something special for the team but it was my time to make a darn putt! And that is what I did! Wahoo! I really was unable to control my happiness when I made that and Isaac and Jerry were very pumped as well. Our day was over and we were free to head on home and off the course. We survived to another show!

Even though I was able to hit a pretty clutch flop shot in episode 4 to secure immunity, this has now trumped it as my favorite moment in my Big Break career!


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