Big Break NFL Episode 10 : SEMI FINALS


That is all I can say about this episode! I know that this past show was exciting on TV but imagine how Jerry, Tim, Will and I were feeling watching the Mallory/Isaac Showdown go down. That was some incredible golf under some incredible pressure. I am absolutely so proud of them for playing some epic golf like that. Although I would have loved to see it be Team Brown vs. Team Rice in the final, we unfortunately had to meet them one day early. I will give y’all a rundown on the day:

Since Team Doleman was able to keep any Losses from their scoreboard they earned a free pass to the finale show and an awesome trip back to Puerto Rico. Talk about an immunity prize. But I have to say they deserved it 100%. Made it through 9 shows and many Sudden Death playoffs without a single loss, talk about a “perfect season” so far… So without Team D in the picture it was obviously going to be a head to head match between our team and Team Brown. A 6-hole, stroke play, fight to the death. Game on.

Jerry and Tim opted for the 1-hole play starting on the par 3. Tim hit a very nice shot in there and put the pressure on Jerry. Jerry stepped up and hit a safe shot in there just missing the green but he was putting. That is all we could ask for under these pressure packed situations. Hell, he almost made the putt from off the green and Tim (fortunately for us) missed his short birdie putt and finished with a par. So, after the first hole: NO BLOOD.

Next up: Me vs. Will. We were going to play two holes, a par 4 and par 5. First hole was playing pretty short for me and like a lot of these competitions, there really is no point is taking huge risk with hitting drivers into a trouble area. So with the help of my adrenaline, I was able to get a 4 iron out there in pitching wedge range. Will was in a safe location off the tee and then pulled his shot left of the green, almost into the water. I knew this was a good time to hit a solid shot but I also knew that the water left of the green was trouble. So I favored the right side of the green and hit it pin high in the fringe. Although my first putt was a pretty sad attempt, I was able to make the 4 footer for par. Will was not able to get up and down and I now had a 1-stroke advantage going into the par-5.

This hole is another short one but shaped like an “S”. The further left you aim off the tee, the more water you must carry but you also have a shorter shot into the green. Adrenaline has an amazing affect on my golf game and I swear I turn into muscle-woman out there. The last thing I wanted to do was hit my drive through the fairway so I played another conservative shot a hit a 3-wood off the tee. Will was also safe in the fairway but no where near being able to hit the green in two. I had 215 yards over a lake for my approach shot to the green and in my book that was a no-go shot. If were were playing match play, completely different story I would have gone for it and taken that risk but since stroke play was the name of the game, the last thing I wanted to do was miss a 3-wood and rack up a high score for mr. Isaac coming up after me.

So I played the par 5 as a par 5 and walked away with a par. Will was able to drain a putt for birdie and he evened out the match just like that. We both did positive things for our teams but neither Mallory nor Isaac has an advantage going into the next 3 (soon to be 4) holes.

This match-up between Isaac and Mall was amazing. The final 3-holes were played on 3 par-4s in a row. Both finished par-par, birdie-birdie, birdie-birdie. WOW. Forced play off. They played the last hole over again and when Isaac stuck his shot to 2 feet, everyone knew it would be difficult for Mallory to answer his birdie yet again. They showed absolute nerves of steel and fought their hardest. If only this episode was the final because it sure as hell put on a show for the viewers. I have to hand it to Team Brown, they were the first team to get a loss but they made it to the Semis, never discount a team with Mallory Blackwelder on it. She is a fighter and will go down swinging (and making clutch putts). She is someone I look up to on tour, a great role model for the girl golfers out there and a wonderful friend.

My favorite part of this show: listening to all my PG-rated exclamations that I had no idea I said…

“hollllllllly man”

I can’t help my emotions when I am watching the Big Break duel of the century!