Big Break


big break nfl - Season #20This tale begins back in the summer of 2012…

After graduation from university I sent in an application to Golf Channel to try out for the infamous reality/golf TV show called “Big Break”. I thought, “what the heck, I have a wacky personality and I can play golf, isn’t that what they’re looking for?!” I had an interview in September with a producer down in Arizona and then I waited for a call back. Now fast forward to the day after the completion of final stage of Qualifying School in December. I received a phone call from one of the producers telling me that I have been chosen for the next season of Big Break. WHAT?! To be honest, I was kind of down in the dumps because of missing LPGA status by a few strokes over 90 holes of golf, so I probably should have been a LOT more excited than I was at that first instant. But it definitely sunk in and I became absolutely thrilled about the opportunity that Golf Channel just presented me.


IMG_2655What a trip! I traveled down to Riviera Maya, Mexico with 11 other professional golfers to an all-inclusive 5-star resort. Sounds pretty nice right?? Not to mention, we were there to compete for $50,000 cash, Dick’s Sporting Goods money, Avis Car Rental credit… etc, the list goes on! So far so good! Now to the serious business: the golf. This was the first time I was really feeling “pressure” and to be honest, playing a professional tournament does not even come close to the pressure and nerves I felt while competing on Big Break Mexico.

Although I was not able to win this show, I did walk away with some great Dick’s Sporting Goods cash and ¬†Avis Car Rental credit but most importantly I gained something you cannot put a price tag on: experience. I now know what to expect when I feel some serious pressure and when the nerves take over. (for example, my hands shake like a tree in a tornado… it makes putting quite difficult) So I came home knowing I did not achieve my “Big Break”. But who said I couldn’t get it another way!


The week after returning from Mexico, I competed in my very first Symetra Tour tournament. And guess what: I finish T-12 and make my very first cut, make a nice little pay check to boot! I didn’t feel one ounce of nerves (I guess there weren’t 20 huge HD cameras watching my every move, but still!) and I just stood there thinking that Golf Channel and Big Break Mexico prepared me for more than I could have asked for. I was now ready to play professional golf and WIN!


I was warming up on the range at the 2nd Symetra Tour tournament of the year and I received another phone call from one of the Big Break producers. He said something like “we like what you brought to Mexico and we want you to be on our next show”. I was absolutely shocked! Another one? Already?! I thought to myself “but, Big Break Mexico hasn’t even aired yet!” But how was I going to turn down another opportunity like this? Count me in! So off I went for my next Big Break chance…


Okay so since Big Break NFL hasn’t aired yet, I cannot give away ANY details. Patience is a virtue and if you just keep up to date on the upcoming blog posts you can get a “play-by-play” (no pun intended) on how I was feeling/doing/experiencing each episode! GET EXCITED!¬†big break nfl - Season #20