aaaaand we’re off! 2 down, 21 tournaments to go!

Sorry for the late update (again) on the first two events of the year…

First of all: Time is FLYING! I cannot believe it is already the middle of March and I am about to take off for the THIRD event of the year. The first two tournaments went well, not great, but I will definitely put them in the “good” category. Cuts were made, so was some money, but most importably I was able to get my “edited” swing to feel pretty normal during the first 6 rounds of the 2015 season.

Longbow GC 2015Best Pro Am Group Ever

Some positives that I am taking away from the first two weeks on the road:

1. Holy moly, I gained some yardage in the offseason. I would like to think it is purely from a little swing modification but I would be lying to myself. Finally I have really put in some dedication in the gym with my trainer Judy Lowrey in Napa and it is showing in more ways than one. Not only am I hitting the ball SO much farther but I also feel like I could walk 54 holes in one day! I am not fatigued, no injuries and I am even able to hit the gym after  a round of golf (which was never the case before). So, overall the gym does make a difference. I see why those PGA tour pros are so flipping buff these days.

2. I still have those low numbers in the bag! So far the low round of the year is a 67 (a bogey free round I might add!! YES! Small victories..) It came during the second round of the 2nd tournament of the year and needless to say it was FUN. Always feels good to get the ball rolling and the club swinging well all in the same day. It made some magic happen! Cannot wait for another round like that… maybe string a few together in a row!

Bogey-Free Roundphoto 2

3. I have been working really hard on the mental side of the game and I really saw a difference in the first events. Little fixes between the ears can make a big difference on and off the course and I have a lot to owe my sports psych Erika Carlson. She has really compiled a lot of tricks that I can use to stay even keel and not get ahead of myself out on the course. My motto for the year is “play the course, not the field“. What that means is: don’t pay attention to the other scores out on the course, play your  best golf and what happens, happens. If you start focusing on what other people are shooting you get distracted from how you play the game. Sometimes your best golf wins and sometimes it doesn’t but you cannot control the variables around you. You focus on you.

photo 3    photo 4

4. Southern California has terrible weather. Once a year. When the Symetra Tour comes to town. Beaumont, CA was 45 degrees, 30 MPH wind and don’t forget the rain/hail/sleet/whatever it was. Thank you SOCAL. Until next time…

5. I love that with all of the travel I get to see friends wherever I go. I got to stay with my dear friends (newly engaged and soon to be married) Ryan and MacKenzie in Arizona and then I got to room with Haley Italia (formerly Milsap) in Beaumont. Sometimes you have the moments where you feel like you can stay up chatting all night like its a college slumber party and then you realize you have a tee time in like 5 hours and you better fall the heck to sleep. Who cares, life’s too short to not stay up late chatting with sweet friends!

I head off to Florida next Monday for the Florida’s Natural Charity Classic at Lake Wales Country Club south of Orlando. I like this course a lot, there’s a few great BBQ joints around the area and I am most excited to see all my gals again (my social life is comprised of golfers and I love it!) Until the next post….



“Life’s a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson